Wednesday, September 6, 2017

More Marble Pics

 Really happy with the soft grey that I chose for the 2 upstairs bathrooms.  I am usually not a fan of grey - even though it is a very in fashion color right now - but for these rooms, it was the perfect neutral.

We seem to have the same issue in 3 bathrooms... the positioning of the light fixtures is really off and I know if it bothers me - it is really going to drive Mike nuts!

This is the landing for the master tub.  They set the marble but have yet to drill out the holes for the tub and the fixtures.

This is part of the master bath vanity.

..and here are a few more kitchen shots.

The floors (not wood or carpet) as of today are being installed but the guys were still working hard when I went down to the house and I get the sense they do not enjoy having their picture taken while they work!

The painting is done except for touch ups and obviously after they fix the kitchen ceiling where it leaked.

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