Tuesday, September 5, 2017


So I decided that I want to use Green and Red for the front of the house and pastels in the back.  I purchased all of these plants because this is the only time of year where you can a whopping 70% off of plants!

Front:  Red and White with layers of green.
Gardenia's will be the main planting in the front yard. I have had a lot of success with gardenia's and I love the flowers!

I actually purchased 4 gardenia trees to use at our wedding next year.


2 Bottle Brush plants will be used in eye catching areas

A friend gave me some of these white spider lilies and  I plan on using them as well.

Spider Lilies come in red too - but I could not find these

Back yard pastels!

The main plants will be Hydrangea's.  LOVE THEM!

I want to incorporate some Agapanthes.

Fox tail ferns are a must!

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