Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Room Updates!!

Let's start outside!  This is the front porch.  Not sure if you can see this, but it is 
stained black and stamped like cobble stones.  It has yet to be sealed though and I am not sure if that will change the look or not.

There is a lot of driveway...going in ...

..and coming out...

..and around the back too.

Here are the special glass front kitchen cabinet doors and the pickling stain I chose for the kitchen.

The glass is not yet in the doors.  I think this will contrast nicely to the dark titanium counter tops.  They will be installed as soon as the painters are done. 

They just started staining the swinging door going into the dining room.

I am really pleased with the library.  I want it to look like a room out of an 1800's home.

These are built in the master bedroom.  Had them stained to match the antique fireplace mantle.

This will be Mike's closet.  Also had everything stained dark in there to make it look masculine!

A mirror will be added above the bench here.

This is a small part of my closet...(don't be a hater... it looked way smaller on the blue prints than it turned out!)I do not own enough shoes - counting my riding boots to fill 1/3 of this. 

The stairs and landing are just now starting to be stained.  A bit lighter than the library, but a rich warm medium dark brown.

Still waiting on the landing rail to be delivered.

As much as was done, I was hoping more would be finished.  We have a set date for the marble, travertine and tile to go in and done or not - all work must be stopped when that goes in.

I have been working  - dreaming of this home for years... no decades!  Now that it is coming into fruition - I have a sense of surealness.  I am so thrilled and day by day I thank God for this blessing and try to not let the small stressful stuff steal my joy.

Come next Spring - a wedding will be hosted here... my own with my beloved Dr. Michael J. DeLitta.  Over 2 years ago I was drowning in tears.  I could see no way of keeping this farm by myself seeing my vision through to reality although I would swear on my own life that I knew that I knew God gave me this land.  He made a way.  He gave me a life partner, a mate, a best friend.  God took my tears and turned them into laughter..just as He promised He would!! 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Several items or designs that went into this house came from some of my favorite things in my Mother and Grandmothers houses.  One of those things was a swinging door between the kitchen and the dining room.  I was so pleased to see that it was hung yesterday!!

This door will be stained and then I have some beautiful brass push plates for each side

These are the brass push plates

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Back Plates

I chose to use back plates with small round knobs instead of handles in the kitchen.  This is what they look like:


So here it is.. a start at least!  After several delays, the drive is being poured today and will continue tomorrow.  I love that they covered the front of the house with plastic so the concrete would not splash onto the siding and windows!

After it is dry, it will be sealed and I think that will make the black edging pop.

This is a pad for the AC units

This is the frame for the back porch steps.  This will also have a small black border and a cobble stone stamp

...and this is a correction of sorts.  The orig concrete company that poured the slab did not put in the steps for the door into the master.

I am very pleased with this company - especially the foreman Luis....who is CONSTANTLY asking me if I am happy....LOL!

Friday, July 28, 2017

It Seems Like Things Are Moving Fast Now!

The drive is framed in and ready to be poured on Monday!  This is the circle drive coming in from the front
..and this is the exit of the circle drive as well as the exit from the car port and courtyard

The porches are almost done.  Used a tongue and groove wood for this and stained it black

The balcony railing was installed was the juliet balcony railing

This is the laundry room.  The large sink in the back is for washing the dog and the wet suits

This is the mud room bench

...and this WAS my butlers pantry - now turned SCUBA closet...LOL!!

All the cabinet doors have been installed with the exception of the glass front doors which have not come in yet,  There will be 4 here...

..and 2 more here.

The library is almost done and ready to be stained. 

I picked out granite and marble yesterday which included the surrounds for the fireplaces

These are the shelves for the opposite wall.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lots of New Progress!

Three major things are going on with the house right now!
1. The Iron railing is being installed.  I chose this design because I was concerned that if I chose something too ornate - it would look too Italian in design. The staircase will have a wooden handrail mounted atop the X's.

This is the railing along the landing

This is the exterior railing for outside the larger upstairs balcony

..and this is the railing for the Juliet balcony.  

2.  The cabinet and door fronts are being installed!

The driveway, walkways and courtyard concrete are going in as well~ (Mike photobombed my pic...LOL)

This is the view looking from the front door of the house out to the front yard.

This will be a half circle step down from the back porch.