Thursday, November 16, 2017

Staging the Library Shelves

This is seriously fun!

I am trying to not only house the books, but also keep it pleasing to the eye and make it personal for both Mike and I.  The hard part is that I have a TON of stuff and Mike has very little - but we are working on that!

The flags are from each of our Fathers funerals as they both served in the military.  We plan to put the flags in wooden boxes and then I want to make shadow boxes with each ones medals.

Although neither Mike or I are hunters, these antlers - purchased at Magnolia Gardens Auction House in Hockley TX. made an interesting 3-D effect.

I had to make one shelf with my sidesaddle collection of antique stirrups and some other gifts people have blessed me with!

Library Doors

.... long awaited and greatly anticipated!

They still need to be stained.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

We Will Call This the Blooper Reel!

A collection of "OPPS" pics and explanations from the construction of the house!

First off - those very very long beams were 2x4's and thankfully one of my daughters friends noticed it and said they needed to be changed to 2x6's.  This is a load bearing wall!!

This set of french was installed backwards resulting in a huge water leak during hurricane Harvey

The water leaked down into our kitchen and ruined the newly installed dry wall ceiling

The trim  guys put the double oven insert so low - I would have had to lay down on my belly to see if something was done in the bottom  oven.  This had to be redone.

The kitchen cabinet hardware was sent with screws that were too short.

The microwave hutch still does not work properly.  When opened it lays on top of the microwave instead of in the brackets that should keep it flush with the top.

 The  workers kept opening my crank out windows and leaving them open in the rain.  They broke 2 of the sets of openers and left one window open.  I was unable to close it until the window guy came out to disassemble the crank. 

Opps - someone hit a glass panel in our breezeway door and did not admit to it.

Still dealing with this Opps.  This tub had a drain that runs beneath it - there for raising the height of the tub by over 4 inches.  The beautiful marble has to be demoed and we have to build up the platform to support the tub and then marble and tile it again.


This slipper tub was hooked up and when I went to clean it out - found a huge leak coming from the brass fixtures.  Water leaked downstairs and collected in the laundry room light that now no longer works.

A few more:

The kitchen flooring was installed and was twice as thick as regular tile - so the dishwasher and  the refrigerator did not fit.

The orig AC company I originally worked with did not install any vents for any of the bathrooms or the kitchen so my kitchen vent hood is really a very expensive light and there is no way to install vents in the laundry room, mud room bathroom or the exercise room bath.

The brand new freezer that has never been used but been in storage for over 2 years became home to a field mouse - who chewed through some of the wires.  Repair man coming this Friday to work on that issue!

Monday, October 23, 2017



In the back of my closet is my sewing room!

...and his!

Love Our Tile Guys!!

Today they tiled behind the dog wash tub and did the stove back splash which included setting a HEAVY fire back plate!!

Running Water!

We have it!