Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Few More Details..

Remember that I said I had to buy landscaping bricks to use to keep the soil from eroding out from under where the outdoor AC units will be placed - well here they are:

I like them and they give a nice neat appearance for a very good price of $1.48 each!

The dining room window finally arrived and was put in!

It is funny how I love the intimate places in the home and my husband is more drawn to the large open areas.  Must have something to do with that Venus and Mars thing!

I snapped this picture of what the old fashioned crank windows look like when they are opened.

Thank you Lord!!!  I love my house - I love my house!!

For those of you who have asked me when out house will be done.  I do not have an answer for that.  We are building this home project by project.  The next contractor to be hired will be the electrician, but I have to get an idea of where we are with costs first.  The AC guy gave me a labor bid, but we ended up having to get more flex tubing and other supplies from him for this job (more $$).  The flex tubing that is running down the walls of the second story from the attic down to the first floor will have to have framing build around them - so that means more lumber costs and more framing costs.  Also - although I have paid to have the hurricane clips installed - they  have yet to be delivered for the installation... so more $$??  Still waiting for my plumbers bill too!
The electricians bid is not exact because when we added the 2nd story porch, we also added lighting.  Along with a few other revisions, I just need to watch costs.

Soon - I will get to do a few DIY projects as well.  Nothing too technical though.

A Message From My Dear Husband!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lookie What We Have...

...Okay - so I admit it... I am easily impressed!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

I Can Hear Her Words..

.. my Mom - that is...

She was a very unique person.   Beautiful ~ Smart ~ Creative ~ Independant ~ Goal Orientated are just a few of the great things about her.  She was human though.  She struggled all of her life with insecurities and it manifested itself through a few ways - one being belemia. 

Mom wanted to get a college degree but could not support herself and the costs of college - so she worked as closely as she could to what she was interested in - medicine, as a lab tech.  During that time, she met and married my Father.  Society deemed them unequal in social class, but my sweet Father knew she was the only one for him and was devoted to her to the day of his death, 5 years after her passing. 

After raising 3 kids, my 2 brothers and I, she did return to college at the same time I did and persued a new interest - Interior Design.  She made straight A's.  My favorite project I saw her work on was a 3-D drawings.  Same subject at many different angles.  When all the other students were doing drawings of buildings or furniture, my Mother chose to do one of a frog... yes - a real life FROG.  She got an A+ on  that project... and about a year later, she was thrilled to call her college teacher a close friend as well.

Mom and I had different tastes in furniture and design.  I cherished the old - while she delved into the new.  She did however leave me with design advice that covers any style:

1.  Classic - Trendy is just one step above Trashy!
2.  Collections - peoples personalaties come out with something they enjoy collecting
3.  Cluttered - no matter what the design - if you put too much stuff into too little a space, it will look cluttered
4.  Comfortable - no matter the design, if it is not comfortable ~ you will not enjoy using it
5.  Cost - should cost enough to be worh keeping, but not so much you will not use it.
6.  Character - Each room should have its owners character and never look like it came out of a catalog
7.  Clean - love your home enough to respect it and keep it clean!

I am sure there was more - but those are the ones that come to my mind right now. 

I sure wish she was here to watch our home coming to life.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pressing On.. while the kids were here, I kind of ignored the house... and the contractors and keeping everything happening in a timely manner... so basically until today, no work has been done in a week...BUT - I am happy to say we are pressing on.  Here is the progress since the last posting:

New front view shows they are putting in the transome above the front doors, the huge arched window in the dining room is going in and the siding continues to be added:

The back view shows the siding is done on the upstairs balcony walls, ..and

..the support 2x4's are now replaced with permanent 6x6 beams on the back porch and the stairs have been built from the porch to the master sitting room.
I had to buy these 120 landscape blocks to build up the ground on the East side of the house.  Reason for the purchase now is that the 2 outdoor AC units will be located here and it needs to be done before they are placed.. YIKES - I need to get a move on!  Later we will need to buy many many more of these.

The framers also finished the raised platform for the master sitting room

..and they finally cut through the floor for the laundry chute

...and the plumbers were here today.  Not sure what they did, but I noticed these new pipes where the water softener will go.  Here a water softener is not a luxury, it is necessary!!!
I ordered our refrigerator and freezer, not because we are ready for it, but I could not pass up the deal.. so I guess it will be living in the garage until it is ready to go into the kitchen. 
It looks like so much has been done, but I still feel that we are on step 150 out of 500.  I could be wrong, but tonight I asked my husband to envision us moving into the house in a year.... YES - I said 1 whole year from now.  We are so blessed to be able to live on the job site to over see all the work and I just do not feel the need to rush anything.  I want to make sure what is done is done right and in correct order.  I believe having this kind of mental calendar will get us some better deals as well. 
Already, so many changes and corrections have been made.  We changed the design by adding the second story porch, we changed window placements, we have also identified errors in our blueprints and were able to correct them prior to additional costs... and I think all of this happened by the Grace of God and by being patient... which IMHO is a grace of God!
The  next few steps will be :
getting the AC/Heater installed
getting the front doors installed
getting the fireplaces installed (interior)  
hurricane clips installed
finishing up with the framer
plumber getting the shower valves installed in the walls
look into getting the electrician started
I believe I am done purchasing all :
the light fixtues
the door knobs including deadblots
sink faucets
tub faucets
shower faucets
I still need to purchase :
all toilets
1 exteror door for the interior attic
all interior doors
master bathtub
1 shower door
1 dog shower/shallow tub
appliances minus the frig/freezer
...and about a million other things I cannot think of right now!
What an experience this is! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Step By Step...

...and a bit more siding is done...

                                                       ..and the newest back view.

                             The guys have been working on the siding on the porch walls.

..and I caught Madison checking out her claw foot tub!