Thursday, June 15, 2017

3 Steps Forward and 1 Step Back...

UGGHHHH... So the painter came to start caulking the seams of the house and found several areas that needed to be nailed down in the siding.  He also pointed out several places were the trim was not finished - something you really don't notice until it is painted - so it must be fixed before the paint goes on!...... sigh - another delay... So the framer is coming back out to do all of these corrections on Saturday.

On the bright side - my Grand kids are coming for a month from Germany next week!!!  Since I cannot be with them on their actual birthdays - I am going to have an early party here and just for fun....for both adult and child I will be renting this:

It is almost 30 feet high and if you go down it fast enough - you can actually get a bit air born!...or air sick!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Had the meeting with the painter today and I can't wait to say GOOD-BYE to that ugly yellow siding!!  The house will be painted white with black trim!.. good ole Southern colors!  He may even be able to start next week.  The job will take about 10-12 days and that is if the weather is good.

Also met with the AC guy.  Need to do one little update since the first part was put in over 2 years ago and the requirements have changed just a bit.  Also going to add a filter to keep the coils clean.  Not sure how technical I should go with the controls though.... I am a pretty low tech girl!

Waiting to hear back from the septic guy and hoping the concrete guy will get a bid in pretty quickly.  I know that one is going to be quite $$$$.....eeeeekkkkkk.

Off to meet with the flooring guy....

.....and YES - that is how I have all these guys listed in my phone!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Thank Goodness For Pinterest!

With the help of Pinterest I have been able to communicate with the contractors exactly what I want.  Here are a few pics that have done just that:

Inspiration for the upstairs bathroom cabinets:

Guest bedroom window seat

Back porch stairs

I want his cubby for the microwave.

I am in love with these cabinet doors and the hood cover!

Instead of decorative tile behind the stove top though - I want to use an iron fireback.
The one below is the one I purchased.

Upcoming Schdule

Tomorrow I have a 0730 meeting with the AC guys.

0900 meeting with the painter to discuss the exterior paint.

1200 meeting in Houston with the flooring company.  Looking for marble floors in the entry, dining, den and guest powder room and master bath.   Travertine in the kitchen, mud room, laundry and butlers pantry.  Indoor-outdoor carpet for the exercise room.  Wood floors in the study, up the stairs, the landing and maybe in the upstairs bedrooms and hall,  Have not decided if I want carpet or wood up there.  I know I want carpet for the media/play room.  I will likely also get tiles from this vendor as well....  I have a good idea of what I want already.

Dry wall / Sheet Rock is completed, but they are still mudding over the screw holes and will likey start the texture soon.  I chose as close to flat as I could get as I do not like texture on the walls or the ceiling.

New pics coming soon!

Stair and Balcony Ralings

So after much thought and deliberation. I have decided that I want wrought iron stair railing - but with a wood handrail on top.  It has been difficult because almost all of this type of railing looks like it belongs in a Tuscan Villa...and that it NOT what I am trying to create.  With that said - this is the direction I am going:

So up the curved staircase I want this X design on each stair with a gold ball in the center of each X.

In the center of the landing though, I wanted something really eye catching - so this will be about 8' long and centered.

I am also going to use this design on the Juliet balcony and double it for the large balcony off of the other guest bedroom with a metal top rail.

I met with the designers today and they are going to come back to measure and get templates later this week!!!  So excited and it was not quite as $$ as I thought it would be! 

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Dry Wall / Sheet Rock is Up! step is to float the walls.  Here are the latest pics:

This is the entrance and the staircase.  Doorway on the right goes into the formal guest powder room.  The doorway to the left goes into the master bedroom

The Library:

Guest Room #1 upstairs.   These windows crank out like my Grandparents had in their house.  There will be a window seat here with bookshelves on the sides.  Door to the left is a closet.  This is the largest of the guest rooms and will likely have a king size bed.  There is a large bathroom off the hall to service this room with a single sink and a shower. 

Guest room #2.  This room is long, has a Juliet balcony and is on one side of the Jack & Jill Bathroom.  I first thought this would be the room with the largest bed. but instead I think I will be putting the twin antique beds in here.
This is the Jack and Jill bath.  It will have a double sink and a slipper tub.  There is a walk in closet and a laundry chute that goes directly to the laundry room.

This is the last guest room.  It has a full size balcony and a walk in closet.  I will likely put either a queen or double bed in here.

A view from the top of the stairs looking down.. Hey - who is that cute guy down there???

..and another view from the stairs. The opening on the left is the entrance to the library.  The entrance on the right is the formal dining room.

..and from the bottom of the stairs looking up.  The large open doorway is the entrance to the media room.  There are no windows in that room, so it is difficult to photograph.