Thursday, September 7, 2017

Flooring & Paint

Sooo excited with these beautiful floors!!  Starting with the entry and den.  This is 18x18 inch crema marafil marble.  So elegant!!!

Beautiful contrast with the fireplace hearth.  You can also see my 'peach' walls.  I don't hate them, but it is not what I thought I chose.  I thought I chose a light tan color.  This paint color was called travertine.  I have never seen travertine that was peach...sigh..

Lily is checking out the boxes and boxes of tile.  This is the dining room and I love the color in this room.  It is called bagel and is truly a medium tan color.  Really gives the dining room a warm feel.

I am going to have fun dressing this window!

..and another view from the dining room into the entry.

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