Tuesday, September 12, 2017

2 Weeks of Flooring (Tile)

For the most part - the next 2 weeks will mostly  be tile flooring and showers.  I will have a picture here and there - but once the flooring is installed - a lot will be going on as we come close to the day we have been waiting for for SO LONG.... MOVE IN DAY!!

Today some carpenters came to install the tongue and groove above the car port.  it looks really nice!  They also installed some hinges for some seats that have storage beneath and they had to 'bend' the wood railing that goes over the metal banister on the landing.

Little stuff -
1. somehow 1 drawer front and 4 cabinet doors were missed and have to be made, installed and painted.

2. Bought new french doors for the upstairs - this time vinyl instead of wood and they will open to the inside.  Once those are installed - I will contact the dry wall guys and have them come to fox the kitchen ceiling.

3. Seem to have lost some of the pieces to the hand held shower faucet for the slipper tub....?????

4. One of my workers broke the lever to open - but more importantly CLOSE one of the windows that hand cranks and it is stuck OPEN right now...that needs to be fixed ASAP.

5.  STILL waiting to find out when the library doors will be delivered and installed.

6.  A missing drop in sink that was never delivered from build.com was reordered (at their cost) and it has yet to show up!

After the floors are installed:

1.  AC guy can come and put in the vent grates and the  thermostat and finish hooking everything up.

2.  The appliances can be installed.

3.  The electrician can hook the rest of the outlets up and hang all of our fixtures.

4.  The granite guys will come back and install the master tub and the (missing) drop in sink for the formal powder room.

5. The plumbers can put in the slipper tub and all of the faucets and hook up the water and water softener and hot water heaters.

6.  After all that is done, the house has to be thoroughly cleaned.

7.  The painter comes in to do all his touch ups (3 day project!)

8.  Lastly - the wood floors and carpet will be installed.  (AC must be up and running for this)



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