Saturday, September 27, 2014

Loving My New Eating Program

... and that says so much because my weigh loss has slowed down - like I knew it would... but it is still coming off!  I am thrilled to announce I am down to 132.  I wore a dress tonight to an antique auction that I have not been able to get into for a while.  It is not the little black dress that is my goal outfit to wear - but this other one was a mini goal for me.

I am not sure if the best part is losing the weight - or just how good I feel.  I get these bursts of energy and they are not from any kind of stimulant because I am not taking any diet pills - and I am completely caffeine free!!   Although I never drank coffee, I have been addicted to caffeine since I was in my early 20's and at one point I was drinking 2 liters of Diet Colas a day!

Praying I get an earlier shift at work this next shift bid so I can start taking zumba again too.

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donna baker said...

Help us out. What is your new eating regimen?