Monday, September 29, 2014

Outside of One More Repair...

.. I think the framer is finally done!!!
They had to reframe out the fireplaces

.. they built frames around the AC vents on the second story..

In some rooms we had to make sure the build outs matched so they do not look odd after the dry wall goes up.

...and the very last window was also installed.

This picture makes it look tiny, but it is actually quite large!  Once the house is painted white and the trim around this window is black, I believe it will look larger.

Called the electrician this morning - but we may be a week away from him getting started.  I am told that the electrical rough out takes a week. 

Once he is done, the next step is insulation.

Meanwhile - I keep going down there and working on the clean up... burning a lot of the lumber debris and putting everything else into the dumpster.... hard work, especially when it is hot!!

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