Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yesterday's Progress

Here we go - Front View:

..and the Back View

..and this is something new.. both the Tyvek Home Wrap and the roof ridge overhang for the attic vents!

This morning the "window guy" came by to pick up the check for all the windows.  Whew.. that was a hard check to write because that was a big splurge that I was not willing to budge on.  We had wonderful windows in our last house and I always told myself if we were to ever build, I would use those windows again.  They really made THAT much of a difference!  So - that is the good news.  Because we have a few windows that are not common in size and shape, we had to use 2 different companies.  The bulk of our windows will be ready in about 3 weeks... but 3 windows will not be here for 6 weeks!  2 out of these 3 are main windows, one for the dining room and the other will be a huge transom window over the front doors.  I have a call in to the coordinator to see if this will throw our schedule off.  We are not suppose to employ the AC guy until after the windows are in and the roof is on... so I will let you know!

UPDATE:  So glad to find out that the window delay will not cause a delay in any other construction other than dry wall.  YEAH!!

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