Friday, June 20, 2014

I Was a Bit Stressed Yesterday ..

..for a while - but all ended well!

So I don't exactly understand it - but they seem to be much further along in some areas than in others.. as in - the roof framing is not done on the house part, but...

.. they are already siding the garages. In here was my first heart stopping incident yesterday. This is Hardy Plank siding and our house is going to be white with black trim - to match the barn. I was expecting the Hardy Plank to be white - so I made some frantic calls, thinking they were using the wrong siding. As it turns out, this is a treated siding that is sealed and the sealant is what makes it this - I guess for a while, our house will look this color before the painters get started!

..the second was that my plumber is out of town and I need him to come rough out the plumbing before the roofers get here.  I had to leave him a message and wait for him to get back with me.

I purchased 2 cupula's like the one below.  The one for the top of the house will be 48" x 48".  The one on top of the garage will be 36" x 36".  The tops will be shingled.  I am looking for weathervanes now.

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