Thursday, June 26, 2014

Update on Don

Don will again start treatment for his Hepatitis C.  This will be the third time.  The first 2 times he was on an Interferon based drug cocktail that he had to take for an entire year.  The second 'cocktail' was so debilitating with side effects, he was unable to work.. but God was so gracious and even though he lost his job, the Lord found him an even better job with less stress!!!

This treatment will be different in many ways.  First - no more Interferon!!!  Yeah - that means  no more shots in his abdomen!  It is only a 2 pill a day treatment for 3 months.  The only real side effect is it can make him photo sensitive.. burn easily.  That will have to be addressed if we get to go to Schlitterbaun with the Grand kids this summer!  He should be able to continue working without any issues and he is very happy about that.  My hubby is not the kind of guy who will probably ever retire... at least not happily!

Anyway - he had to have a plethera of tests run prior to now and all came out well.  His cat scan is clear... well other than enough gall stones to make a nice long necklace for me!!  His blood test show that his liver is functioning at an acceptable level and everything else looked pretty good too... by that I do not mean normal for you or I, but normal for his condition.  This was great news for us... so we celebrated and went out to eat at the lavishly extravagant restaurant ... Ihop!... ha ha ..

We still have to hammer out the details with the insurance company as the retail cost of these meds is.... are you ready.....???........  One hundered and forty thousand dollars a month.... yes - you read that right... $140,000.00!!  I still do not know what our cost will be.  We HAD wonderful insurance before - but now the best we could get only covers 80%.  Thank you President Obama. 


donna baker said...

Obamacare is a nightmare. My husband is a provider and now can't accept any more Medicare patients. Plus, it is just full of so many problems, and I voted for him. Just hope they can fine tune it or I'm ready for socialized medicine. House is great and wish you the best.

Helen said...

I join Donna in wishing your husband great success with the new treatment! Single payer health care insurance system is my fantasy ....

vivian said...

I had been wondering how he was doing. the cost of the medication is just ridiculous! and dont get me started on Obama... I cant stand him.
I hope there is a way to make it affordable for you guys. I sure couldnt even begin to afford that.
Im glad things are looking good for him.. that is awesome. have a great weekend Julie,