Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Arches & Curves..

I love Pinterest and if  you are ever planning on building a house, I highly recommend you using it.  You see, I knew a lot about my likes and disliks as far as houses were concerned, but Pinterest helped me to hone in on others design details that I was really drawn to.

For instance, as other's do, I looked at thousands of interior home pictures and saved the ones that really appealed to me... well, I started to notice that I was very drawn to arches.  Arches over doors, entryways and curved staircases and balconys... so we designed our home with many of these details included!

So here is the most recent front view.  Can you see the first arch over the entry?

Here is a closer look at the entry and porch.  They resized the entrance to accommodate the front doors we already own.
They have taken down a lot of the temporary support beams on the first floor that were running every which way, so let me take you on a little tour!
This is one of my favorites.  After entering the house, if you look to the left, this is what you see.  This leads into the dining room.

To the right is entrance to the guest half bathroom.  If I turned further to the right, you would see the study. 

Here is the entrance to the Master Bedroom.
..and in the Master is the sitting area, another area I am very pleased with!!  The floor in the sitting area will be elevated with a wood platform.

This is a long view of the Master Bath.  Straight ahead is the bath tub, to the left is the entrance to Don's closet and to the right is the entrance to the shower.  If I had backed up just a bit you could see the entrance to my closet and right behind me is the toilet which is in its own closed area.

This is the only real arch we have upstairs... well besides the curved staircase!  We arched the balcony.  Honestly, I did this because of something funny that happened to me.  I was at a ladies house and her young child called out to her Momma through the upstairs balcony bars (theirs was a balcony with a straight design.)  The child had a hand on each bar and was pressing her face inbetween and it looked like the kid was in jail.  I do not know why that has stuck with me for so many years as a negative image... but that is the honest truth!

See that curved area in front of the stairs?  All I can see in that spot, even though it is blazing hot in South Texas right now is a Christmas tree!!!

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vivian said...

awesome! the arches and curved staircase! you are very lucky to be getting the house of your dreams with all those little details that you love. Im so glad youre posting all these pictures.. I think I'm almost as excited as you. I love seeing how its all coming together!
happy Day Julie!