Thursday, June 26, 2014

Playing Hokey Pokey With the Weather!

..Yes - that about sums it up!  I am thrilled that our pastures are green and lush and yes, although it is slowing down the progress of our home, I am still thankful that as we approach the end of June. beginning of July we are not only getting rain, but the tempatures are not soaring way over 100 every day.  I am sure the workers are happy too!

With that said, I am guessing they are having a hard time guaging their work schedule.  One day this week it poured in Houston - but we did not get a drop and no workers came that day.  Another day, they did not come until 2 and today 4 guys came early this morning and it started raining hard by noon.  They left and I thought they left for the day.  After a brief hard shower, it cleared up and the guys came back!!!  So, with that interruption, here is a bit of what they were able to do:

They started framing out 2 of the fireplace stacks.

They put in the floor platform for the Juliette balcony..

..and they did more work on the curved second story balcony..and they did more, but I could not capture any good shots of anything else.

We had hoped to get the plywood on the roof by the end of this week, but I think we are still a week away from that.  It will be nice to get it dried in... so that it does not seem to be a muddy mess inside anymore.  The 'girl' in me keeps wanting to clean already!!

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