Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Get Away!

I had the chance to steal away a few days to go and see my oldest daughter Emily and her family.  Madison - our Grand Daughter had a horse show clinic and I took the opportunity to get a few good pictures of her while I was there.  So I wanted to share a few of them with you:

This is Emily making up Madison for the pictures.

Awweee... what a beauty!

..and off she goes to the barn!

At Rocking S, the girls do ALL the work.  This is CeCe.
It is just part of the total package of horsemanship!

Meet Philip.. obviously...


Madison is going to have pictures taken with both of these horses since she rides them both.
CeCe is a veteran show mare..

..who is a real beauty!

Madison is having a talk with Philip - so he will stop acting like a clown for a good picture!

..a little love..
..and she gets ready to ride.

This is just a photo shoot - so no trotting because she is not wearing her helmet..

..just a nice leisurely walk..

This is one of my favorite shots... but if you see a bit of melancholy in her eyes, it is because this is one of the last times Madison will be riding at Rocking S Farm.  They are moving to Germany soon.

Daddy and Trestin never sit around and act bored.  They always find something to do at the farm to help out.  These are the sons I never had.  Thank you Lord!!!
Lisa gave the riding clinic and gave each rider individual attention.

Madison is a very good student and takes her riding seriously.

This was just one of the classes at the clinic.
As a special treat, Madison got to double canter bareback with one of her instructors before the day was over. 

..and when we all went out to lunch, they surprised her with 2 cakes!!

..what a special barn to be a part of.  I just could not get over how well all the young ladies worked together... a real team.  If anyone knows of a Saddlebred farm in Germany, please let us know. 

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vivian said...

wonderful pics! Horses are so beautiful, as is your little grand daughter.. what will you do when they move to Germany? at least you'll have a reason to go there!
have a great holiday weekend!