Monday, June 16, 2014

Framing Day 11

Well here is todays picture of the front of the house!

 ..and here it is from the back..

..and this is the room where we are going to switch out 3 windows for a double french door and put in the portch.
Thank you so much for the astronomy information!!  I guess I should have clarified more.  For us - the North side is where the best shooting stars are viewed, so I am envisioning 2 really comfy lounge chairs!~(and a glass of wine!)  Also the telescope I inherited is large in size, but simple in design.  It will give a great magnification of the moon and of a few planets, better than a kids telescope ... but you get the jest.  With it, I think of fun evenings with my Grand kids!  My brothers have the complicated telescopes - I am sure something a real astronomer would be proud to own.  Our house faces the South and accross from us is nothing but hay fields and open sky... just in case one of my brothers decides to bring one of the better scopes over... hint hint!       

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