Monday, June 16, 2014

Looking into Making a Change

After walking through the house with Joy, she suggested that one of the upstairs bedrooms would be better if instead of having 3 large windows, we put in a door and a small portch.  This particular bedroom faces North, which is a great place to star gaze.  My Father loved astronomy and had many telescopes.  Each of my brothers and I inherited one when he passed away.  The one I have is not the strongest, but it is the simplest to use... but it also happens to be huge.  Because of this, it needs to have a home in our house very close to the place it would be used.

The architect is going to talk to the framer and I will let you know what they say!

Oh yes - I am LOVING the scriptures you suggested!!

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Kaede said...

My husband is an amateur astronomer . While I don't recommend what he wast us to do (build a small observatory) he did recommend that you not put it on a balcony.

1) the balcony will bounce a little and shake the focus. You won't be able to see any thing.

2) the heat of the house it self well cause temperature problems for the optics. Jon puts his telescopes out near the middle of our yard about 2 hours before he tries to observe so the optics can reach thermal equilibrium with the ambient air temperature. The heat our house radiates causes the air to wiggle a bit and throws off the seeing.

3) you might want to look at a different horizon then just the Northern one. Jon says the Southern horizon is much more interesting.

I'm gonna recommend that you contact the local amateur astronomy group and get some lessons on using your telescope. You will be looking at a section of sky smaller than your little finger nail. It's easy to get "lost" trying to find something recognizable.
The book Turn Left at Orion is a great help on how to find stuff in the night sky.