Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 7 of Framing and a Surprize!

So here is the exterior picture that I take from the same place.  See that tunnel through the center?  That is where the front doors will go.

The third load of lumber was delivered this afternoon.  This time there was not a hick-up with timing!
...and as for the surprize... WE HAVE STAIRS!!!

..well the guy is still working on them as you can see, but now I will finally get to go upstairs and walk around. 
As you can see, the guys have been working upstairs for a while.  I actually tried to climb up there once and chickened out!

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you Lord!!! 

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RiderWriter said...

Ooh, it's going to be SO BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the sweeping staircase. I know I am not the only one enjoying following along with this and you are great at explaining your vision, so I can really picture what it's going to look like - which is awesome!