Monday, June 9, 2014

Lot's of People..

.. (including my very own husband) keep asking me when the house is scheduled to be done.  Well - there is no answer for that question.  My  usual answer is for them to ask God.. and if He answers them - to please let me know!!! 

You see, our little Bible study/prayer group prayed hard for rain about a month ago... and since then, well - the bottom has dropped out of the heavens!  It rained hard yesterday and it POURED again this afternoon,  While I am so thankful for the rain, it is hampering the progress of the house.  The workers only got in maybe 3 hours of work this morning before it started raining... and yes, it just may rain again tomorrow.

3 years ago our area was on fire.  Many grand old trees parished and some folks even lost their homes.  I am not upset for the rain.  The pastures are lush and green - giving a true meaning of prospierty.  Thank you Lord for the blessing of rain... and for the abundance of peaches this year!


vivian said...

you have a good attitude! it'll be done... when its done then! and ...that will do!
enjoy that rain.

Justabeachkat said...

Good way to look at it. Some things we can't control, so it's best to just "roll with the punches".