Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Framing Meeting..

..went very well last night. I guess I was expecting somthing a bit more complicated, but it was a breeze.  We all sat down and reviewed the blue prints.  We discussed the need to raise the level of the master sitting room - as I discussed in the previous post, and Larry the consultant, made it very clear that the door off of this sitting room would have to be put in after the floor was elevated to ensure everything fit well.  The windows in that room will start only 18" off of the floor which I like - as it will give it a floor to ceiling window look!  This room faces Northeast, so no worries about a constant bright sun.  We will get a more defussed light.

In 2 weeks I need to buy all of our exterior doors.  I already have the front doors, which were removed from our former house prior to selling it.  They are stunning double leaded glass doors with large brass handles.  I can't wait to see them on this house!

Okay - I am starting to feel a bit giddy now. 

Do any of you ever watch Joyce Meyer?  She is a Christian speaker and she is a hoot!  One thing she points out is what a complaining people we are and how one minute we are griping to God that we need a larger house and as soon as we get it - we complain how hard it is to clean it!  .. ha ha  - well .. I had to stop and ask the Lord to forgive me.  I have been a bit nervous (instead of trusting) about all of this and well, just not enjoyihng the blessing!

I hope you are enjoying this chronicle of our new home.  The framing is slated to begin on Tuesday, the 20th of May and the first shipment of wood will be delivered the day prior.

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