Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fun With Doors!

Okay - so today I got to have some fun.  I went to a door store and picked out several doors we want to use on our house.  We already have the front doors, and all I was suppose to do today was pick out exterir doors, but that still left me with 6 (yes I said SIX) more exterior doors to get.  So here is what I picked out :

This is the only set of doors for the upstairs.  It will be really narrow - each door only being 24" wide.  It leads out to a Juliette balcony off of a bedroom that is like a Junior master suite... for my kiddos when they come to visit. 

This next door was to go off of the kitchen onto the back portch, but this is out of stock and they have no idea when it might come back in...

SOOO - I made a quick call to my consultant and he said we could easily exchange that door for this one... which was the same price and I like even better!!!

This door also goes to the back portch, but is coming from the Master bedroom downstairs.  I like the way it matches the above door.

..and this door - which I love may be an issue.  It also is on backorder and I could not find anything I loved as much as it.  It is suppose to be for the Mud room out to the portico (car port for you Texans!)

..and accross the portico is a one car garage which is where I want to use this door.  We are trying to see just how small the dog door insert can be since we only want it for Don's (disgusting) cat.

..and lastly - this door is another garage door.

Well - that is all of the exterior doors I picked out and I am glad to say that I stayed below my budget... but that depends if they can get the curved top door for the mudroom.
While I was there, I did pick out a few more doors to be used inside the house.  For one, we decided to put in a Dutch door in the Laundry room.  The reason for this is that it will double as a dog room since soon we will have 3 Corgi's instead of just 2. 
Our Son in law and Daughter and Grandkids received orders to change duty stations and are moving to GERMANY!!  The only sad part was that they had to rehome their dog (to me) and their cat.  Yes - they found a wonderful new home for the cat. 
Another door I acutally came home with today is a Mahogany door with a small beveled glass insert at the top.  It will be used for the swinging door between the dining room and the kitchen, something near and dear to my heart as both my Grandmother and my Mother had this in their homes!  This door was not on the web site as it is not something they keep in stock, so I will have to snap a picture of it for you.
Well, that was my fun day today!!  I hope everything goes smooth and I can get the upstairs French doors and the round top door I want.

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