Monday, May 19, 2014

God is SOOOO Good!!

Our home is a faith project as we have waited a long time to do this, but it had to be the right time.  In my heart I told the Lord that I wanted Him in my life more than anything and that if building this house was going to interfer negativly with that - I did not want it.  If you have known me for a long time, you understand that I came from a fairly weathy family and had a struggle with materialism.  This is why I find it so interesting that at this time in my live - when I have every material thing I dreamed of as a kid, I do not look towards things to bring me happiness. 

In this time of such a strange economy and such a questionable economic future, we have really tested the Lord about His timing (ha ha)... but every time, He has answered and guided us toward building now.... and the blessings have been jaw dropping!

So - with that, I wanted to share with you the latest blessing!

I knew one of the most important pieces of furniture I would need right away would be a sofa.  The one we have been using in the Carriage House is broken and sad!  New sofa's are very $$.... but this one - which is almost brand new, does not smell and only had a few tiny ink marks on one cushion... we picked up at an auction for.... $150.00!!!

Thank you Jesus!!  I know if we had to buy a new one, it would have cost WAY over 2 thousand dollars!

It is way too huge for the den you see it in (Carriage House), but it will work nicely in the house.

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vivian said...

wow! beautiful! perfect! And yes, God is sooo good!
Your new home is going to be so lovely! cant wait to see!
have a great week my friend!