Monday, May 12, 2014


So the foundation is done!!!  They returned to pull the wood forms off of it and kind of clean it up a bit... and that is when I noticed it... a problem.

There was suppose to be a step up in our master bedroom into the sitting room.  I called the consultant at Built Green and we decided to build it up with wood instead.  I do not know whose fault this was as it was clearly marked on some sheets but not on the foundation sheet of the blue prints.. but I too signed off on the final blue prints... Oh well - I am thankful that there is a way to correct it in a different stage of building. on that note, today - I have the framing meeting.  This will consist of me, the Built Green Consultant, the framer and the guy who will be suppling all the lumber... and a whole lot of money!  I suppose this is the most expensive part of the building process.  It is in this meeting where we will have to recreate that sitting room platform.

Also - it is a muddy mess back at the build site.  We prayed for rain in our Bible Study ... and God heard us and DELIVERED!!!  The grass is green again and all of the animals are happy!!  Thank you Lord - Rain is such a blessing!!

Will update after the framing meeting.

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