Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Few Mistakes...

Let me say that when this is all done, I do plan to do a write up for every vendor we used.  I will grade them and give an exact account of why they received the grade they did.

The first error we found a bit over a week ago was in the foundation plan.  The blue prints did not indicate (only on the foundation sheet!!) that the master sitting room was not elevated.  As I stated a few posts ago, this can be fixed by building it up using wood at a later stage.  I am content with that.

Yesterday (yes - our framers worked on Memorial Day) we ran into a few more issues.  For one, a major beam was 3' too short.  I am waiting for the BMC rep to call me - so we can find out why it was incorrect.    

The second issued was discovered miraculously by my daughters boyfriend, Blake.  They came out so Joy could ride her horse and we walked down to see the house.  As we walked through and I was tellling them what room was what, he just stopped and stared up for a few moments.  keep in mind that the second floor is not started yet.  The back wall of the library, which is an interior wall on the first floor, but raises up to be an exterior wall on the second had been framed out with only 2x4's.  This wall is 18' high!  Blake was so nice - not wanted to offend me or cause trouble... but also being very concerned.. as he pointed out the mistake.  We called over the owner of the construction company that is doing the framing as he works right along side his men.  He showed me the plans and it indeed has this wall being built with 2x4's.  We still knew it was incorrect and asked him to tear it out and rebuild it with 2x6's as all the other exterior walls were constructed.  He agreed. 

We walked back to the Carriage House and revied my set of plans and on the second story - it showed this wall built with 2x6's, but the first floor plans had the incorrect 2x4's. 

Thank You Lord that this was caught in time to easily correct it!!!  Thank you Blake for listening to the Lord when He showed you something.  Now - let me say that Blake is not in the construction business.  All of his experience is only from helping his Father build a small add onto their family home. 

After all of this, I came back again and went over everything with a fine tooth comb only to find one more error.  Strangely, my laundry chute from the second story Jr. master bath down to the laundry room had mysteriously turned into a linen closet (without the chute).  This was not a last minute add on.  It was one of those things I asked for from the beginning stages of working with our architect.  I was really concerned and I do not know if it was the person making the error or the computer program she was using!  Whenever we made any kind of a change to the plans, when I got them back for review, I would notice other things were changed... odd things - like doors all of a sudden would be opening the wrong direction.  It was wierd and it happened several times.  I believe this was one of those types of errors. 

The consultant will be reviewing all of the above issues today and hopefully I will get some resolutions.

I do not have any new pictures for you and may not for a few days.  We are being blessed with some glorious rain.  It started yesterday shortly after noon and continued all day and last night.  It is still raining now and I can almost hear the ancient oak trees singing!  To understand this, you would need to know that for the last 3 years we have been in a drount situation and one of those years, we have massive forrest fires raging all around us!

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