Friday, May 23, 2014

Framing - Day 3

Todays progress was seen most on the left side, where they have now completed the wall frame of the 1 car garage opposite the house and across the portico:

In this picture you can see the drive through portico and the garage on the left.  They also put up a lot of bracing which distorts the pictures a bit.  I  have been amazed at how hard these guys work.  They are there and in full swing every morning before 8am and they do not leave until between 6 and 7 that night, with the exception of tonight.  They quit at 5 tonight because they ran out of nails, but will be back tomorrow morning!!

Don finally got home before the sun went down, so we were able to walk through the house.  Do you know what he seemed most excited about??? ... the size of his closet!

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