Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Expansion and Improvments!

Over the last several weeks, we have been tearing out old rickety and broken wood fencing and replacing it with beautiful new Blackline fencing. say that the new fencing adds beauty to the scenery is an understatement.

Along with the replaced fencing, we added a new paddock..

..and to replace just some of the trees we lost in the drought this summer, we planted 12 Shummard Red Oak trees down the fence line.

..and although it does not look like it... here is one of the more 'extravagant' (code for expensive!) things we did... we had electricity run from one side of the farm to the other.Call me naive.. but I thought doing this would be cheap seeing how in doing it, we would incur a new lifelong electric bill..... WRONG! It was jaw dropping expensive... I mean a descent used car amount of money expensive!

Humph... can you tell I am still a bit miffed about it? Well - only because it robbed a chunk of money out of our future 'real home' savings account!


Michelle said...

The new fencing looks great! When you get your dream house built, can I come move into your barn house?? lol

RiderWriter said...

That is a SERIOUSLY good-lookin' fence there! Wow. I am very impressed and I bet the horses are putting on airs. :-)

BeBe said...

Looking very food!

The enchanted home said...

You are living a dream....what a beautiful beautiful spot! That fencing is gorgeous..I know it must have been a pretty penny, but believe me it looks like a million bucks~!

bj said...

Hi, glad to hear from you, girl.
That fence is just amazing. Looks fabulous. Makes your place look absolutely magazine worthy. Your place is just breathtaking.

How are you and HUNK feeling? I hope things have settled down some for you.
Have a good weekend...
xoox bj

Dianne said...

Oh that fencing...just beautiful. How lucky you are to have all that land and a dream home in your future.
We are hanging on...good days and bad. Such is life with liver disease. Hope Don is feeling better now that he is home daily. He isn't the one that put the fence and trees in is he?
xoxo Dianne

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how you chose your oak trees. I just put in an electric line from the street to the new log cabin. I could not bear the idea of looking at poles so for $6000 the line runs underground down the center of the driveway.

Your black fencing is so pretty. You must be very proud of it. Good choice and a good job. Boy those posts really line up.

My very best wishes for your husbands recovery.