Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Bit of a Scare..

Don had an appointment yesterday with one of his Hepatologist's. While we were there, the doctor told us that his platelet level had dropped to a dangerously low count of 26,000. Normal is 140,000. WE WERE SHOCKED! A level in the very low 20 thousands can result in unprovoked internal hemorrhaging..and even to a person who is not educated in the medical field can figure out what that could mean..

One of three things were going to happen:
1. His count rises significantly and he will be allowed to stay on the full dose of Hepatitis C treatment.

2. His count stays the same or goes up or down just a little and they will tell him to reduce the amount of medication..

3. or his count drops significantly and they will take him off of the treatment and we would have gone through all of this for nothing..

He was sent to have blood work done again that day and instructed NOT to take his injection that night; instead to wait for the results and following instructions. It was a grueling wait until 1PM CST today before I could call and get the information. I just sat at my desk and TRIED to do my work..
The clock w a s s o o o o s l o o o w w w w ....

I went out to my car, where it was warm private and quiet. I stopped and got very quiet before the Lord and whispered, "I know that all things work for good for those who love the Lord.. and I do love you.. and I know how much You love me.. so here it goes.."

I picked up the phone and called the doctors office. the receptionist answered and knew exactly who I was. Was that a good thing, I thought to myself? She placed me on hold in order to get the nurse in charge of Don's case to give us the information. What seemed to be an eternity went by as I sat there.. on hold. The car was warming up to an almost uncomfortable temperature before she came onto the line.

"Mrs. Size?"
"Yes" - I answered very quickly.
"Hi. I am Margaret, the nurse in charge of your husbands case." she said very politely.

I wanted to scream - WHO CARES - JUST GIVE ME THE RESULTS!
If that was not bad enough, I had to wait while she signed onto the computer. I could her her clicking away as she spoke of our chilly weather. My heart was racing.

"Hummm, it looks like his platelet count is at 31,000 as of yesterday." she offered.
"Oh", I responded. "Then that is wonderful.. that is 5000 more than the last count! So, he can continue taking his full dose of medicine - right?"

"No Ma'am. Please tell him not to take his injection until I speak with his doctor and I get back with you."

* * * * * * * * *

We just heard that the platelet increase was not enough to stay on the full dose. He will be reduced to 1/2 dose and must go back for blood work again late this week.

Please keep Don in your prayers!!


Helen said...

.... absolutely.

vivian said...

Just prayed!! when will they check his blood work again?
hang in there julie.. I will keep on praying!

Justabeachkat said...

Just stopped and prayed! Keep us updated.

Big hugs,

Dianne said...

Praying very hard!!!!

bj said...

Always praying for him...and you. I have a blanket prayer going for all my bloggy friends. So many, like Don, sick, and needing all the prayer support possible.
Hang in there, sweetie...Don is too dang good-lookin' to be TOO sick..he WILL get better.
How are your children doing thru all this stress?
xo bj