Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Pictures!

We decided to have Thanksgiving dinner at Joy's house again this year.

The whole family was there.. which is not too many these days since both of my parents were only children and neither of my brothers have kiddos.

Let's see... there is Don and I and here he is with the Grandchildren, Madison and Trestin.

This is our oldest daughter Emily, our son in law Daren and again Madison and Daren.

Trestin playing with a toy truck that my oldest brother Jim gave him.

Here is Joy's (our youngest daughter) boyfriend Blake. Blake's Dad also joined us.

Here is Joy. She is becoming quite proficient at entertaining! Check out her new oven/stove!

..and this was the beautiful table. I wish I had taken a picture of it BEFORE we ate! My brother Jim is on the right. My other brother Tom and his wife Adelaide seemed to have escaped the camera's eye...

..probably because we were obsessed with taking pictures of these 2 hams!

..and just because our time was so short... the day after Thanksgiving - we made some adorable reindeer cookies!

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Helen said...

Wonderful, happy photos!!!