Saturday, September 10, 2011

They Sent Us the BIG Guns!

Our fire was getting out of hand. The minute the fire fighters would start to get it under control, the wind direction would change and then it would be out of control again. So many people have lost their homes .. and so many more were right in the path of this blaze.... so yesterday they sent in huge DC-10's. These planes were so large and flew in so low to drop the orange-red fire retardant, that every building in the area shook! People cheered, they cried, they hugged each other.

Here are a couple of pictures of the helicopters that have been dropping water on the fires.

You have never seen such an outpouring of charity as what the local residents have been doing for the families who have been displaced by this fire. Supplies have been pouring in, as well as monetary donations. We have specially trained fire fighters here from all over the United States, even Alaska!

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Dianne said...

Are things under control yet with the fire? Praying.