Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurry Up For NOTHING..

That is just what our lives feel like right now concerning Don's treatment.

First his 12 months of chemo failed.

Then he was rejected for the trial drugs.

Then we had to wait a year for the FDA to approve a new drug.

Then we had to wait to get on that drug because the drug company that makes the new drug requires the patients to take a class about it.

While we were waiting for them to call, Don developed a hernia so they were looking at taking out his gall bladder at the same time since it is full of stones.

At the last minute those surgeries were cancelled.

Then they deemed him too risky and are now NOT taking out his gall bladder .. but MIGHT fix his hernia.

Now we have to wait for the surgeon in Houston to confrence with the transplant specialist to see if they are going to do his hernia repair or just let him start on the new chemo cocktail.

BUT - we can't take the newly approved drug until we take a class about it given by the drug company that makes the medicine. They were suppose to call us to schedule a class OVER 4 MONTHS AGO!

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Helen said...

OMG! I have no words of magic for you ... just hang in there!