Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alaskan Cruise - Hubbard Glacier

After leaving the port of Skagway, we were advised to spend as much time on our balcony as possible.. because the views were so beautiful. They were right, but we had to be up bright and early the next morning because our next stop, although not a port was Hubbard Glacier.

Our ship was going to go into Hubbard Bay and get as close as possible to the glacier..

..and then slowly turning around a few times, so everyone could see the beauty of it all.

As we entered, at one point, there was so much ice in the water, I wondered just how close we were going to be able to get!

..but once we passed that area, it seemed to clear out a bit..

.and we kept moving forward.

..some people stayed in their rooms viewing it from their balcony..

..while some went up on the top deck to get a better view.. was very beautiful from up there..

..but also very windy..

..still others went into a gathering area that had floor to ceiling windows.

..and then it started to happen..

right there in front of us the glacier started to 'calf'!

Giant pieces of ice were breaking away from the side of the glacier and crashing down into the water below. beautiful as it was, it was the sound that moved me the most. It sounded like thunder!

The captain was able to get the ship less than 1/2 of a mile from the side of the glacier.

I cannot tell you how blue everything was.. the water, the sky... even the glacier itself!

We were also very blessed to have such great weather. Glacier calving happens more often when it is sunny and warm. Sadly, I have heard of some cruises who came here, only to be disappointed. If it is very cloudy, the views can be totally obstructed.

You will have to enlarge this picture to see.. but this small island was teaming with wild life, especially birds!

It was sad to leave.. but now I know why people say that after you return from an Alaskan Cruise... you start planning when you can go back!

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vivian said...

wow Julie! I just got caught up on your trip to alaska. beautiful pictures! youve just been quite the traveling girl lately havent you! How does one receive such a secret invitation to the bridge? Lucky you! Im glad youve been having such fun!