Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alaskan Cruise - A Very Special Invitation

Two nights before our cruise was over, we received a very special invitation to the bridge of the ship. What an honor this was!!

We met our tour guide at the appointed time...

.and she escorted us through what seemed like a path of secret passages..

..until we reached our destination..

We were introduced to one of the high ranking officers.

Who proceeded to tell us about the workings of such a large ship.

He not only told us about their daily routine..

..and the purpose of all the equipment you see in these pictures...

..but also shed some light on emergency plans they had in place for so many possible scenarios..

You could tell that he was very very proud of his position.. even telling us that both his Father and Uncle were employed by Celebrity!This is a cruise we will never forget.. that is for sure!

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