Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Alaskan Cruise - Skagway

Skagway was our next port stop. It was one of my favorite places.. but I will get to that in a minute.

Since we had such a physically adventurous time in Juneau, we were glad to tone it down a bit in Skagway. We booked a rafting float. I call it a float because it was totally safe and there was no white water rafting involved. The tour started out with a nice guide meeting us at the ship and taking us on a short driving tour. The views were.... well - just look for yourself!

We arrived at the river inlet where we would start our rafting adventure and geared up with 2 other couples.

Here is our guide giving us some basic information. He was quite entertaining and knew a lot about the region, although he was not from there.

I won't lie. At first I thought this excursion was too tame for my liking.. but it was here where we saw eagles up close! My first clue.. look at this eagles nest!

As we slowly floated down the river..

.. we went under a few bridges..

..around several bends..

..and saw some of the most beautiful views..

..but nothing topped this. Here she was!!

She looked so proud up there in the tree.. but was just waiting to show off.

..and show off she did!

After our float tour was done, we drove back to town and did some exploring ourselves. As I stated before.. I really liked Skagway and want to return someday for a longer stay. I would love to climb the famous golden stiarcase pictured here!

Skagway was full of creative art! (tongue in cheek here!)

They embraced the history and you could take part in reenactments all over the city.

There were museums to see..

..and the whole town itself kept the historic flavor by holding tight to strict building codes. I love this. It looked like one of my favorite Colorado towns.

..and if all that was not enough to make me fall in love, we turned the corner to see this young lady and her carriage!!

This is the White Pass snow plow!!!

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Skagway. I know we did!!!


RiderWriter said...

Ooh, ooh, a Fjord! I just love those cute little guys. I'm wondering if you did a carriage ride now!

I am really enjoying your Alaskan travel blog, though feeling depressed because I'd love to go and I know it would cost an arm and a leg to do it in your style... I need to get a job with an airline. :-) Please show us a photo of the ivory tusk carving you bought, I'd love to see it!

Julie said...

I will do a post on my 'treasures' before I am done - I promise! Have had some computer problems at the farm trying to upload all these pics though..

You are right about working for the airline. I took this job to hold me over until one in my specific profession came available... and got hooked to the flight benefits!

kdedeaux said...

The River Float Tour was beautiful! I was amazed at the beauty of the mountains and glaciers against the gently floating river. It was a wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing your eagle pictures. The two in flight are perfect!!
It was so nice to meet you:)