Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Doctors, Doctors and More Doctors!

Today Don has an appointment with yet ANOTHER doctor! Good Grief~!! I think I have lost count of all his doctors.. Let's see, he has a General Practitioner, a TEAM of Hepatologist's, a Liver Transplant Specialist and now a Hematologist! He has to be tested for Lupus. Apparently, he has a auto immune marker that is 640. Normal is 140.

He is also going to another clinic for his pre-op blood work. His platelet count has been low - last testing at 66,000 (normal 140,000 to 400,000) and he may need to have a transfusion prior to this Thursdays surgery on his throat. This will be the first of several surgeries he has to have to band off the bulging blood vessels in his esophagus. We are hoping to be able to get them all banded off by the end of March. He is being considered for an experimental treatment that begins in March and cannot be on treatment and have these surgeries simultaneously. If he tests positive for Lupus.. the treatment route can completely change... which is something we are pretty used to now.


Ginger said...

You two have sure learned to roll with the punches. I hope he doesn't test positive for lupus and that he is able to have his surgery as planned, and to be involved in the study.

Kat said...



vivian said...

sending up more prayers then! so many doctors! But thank god that there are so many intelligent and gifted people out there and also for the incredible technology that we have!
Hugs Julie!

Helen said...

.. I continue to send positive energy ..

gowestferalwoman said...

But its great that they are there for him...and you! Still praying!