Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bluebonnet Poultry Show..

As I started to tell you yesterday, Debbie and I drove up to College Station to go to a Poultry Show. Neither of us had ever been to one before and weren't sure what to expect. For one thing, there was a lot more country flavor than we expected.

There were several raffles. One was for this handmade quilt.

..and there were over a thousand birds!

..and not just chickens, but unique and beautiful pigeons..

..geese and quite a few types of ducks too.

..but I do have to say that the real show was with the many different breeds and colors of chickens!

..and here are a few pictures of our farm hens.. Last year we purchased 6 chicks that were suppose to be 6 Barred Rock pullets. Turns out one of the six was a black sex link pullet.

..and the other 5 did turn out to be nice big Plymouth Barred Rock's that lay exceptional eggs!

..and here are the 2 new girls. They are Light Brahma pullets and will get larger than the Barred Rocks!

I just love the new little girls. They look like they have little ruffled panties on!


vivian said...

I always like to look at all the chickens and birds at our county 4 H fair! Keep meaning to pop over to wish you luck with the sheep photo contest that you told me about! I would love for you to win. and also to answer your question about the wook you sent me.. yes I have played with it and it bonds well.. No, I havent made anything with it yet! but I will.. just waiting for the right inspiration to strike!
hope all is well there Julie!

Kat said...

I'm amazed at how many different kinds (looks) there are! The crates you won are works of art!


Laura M. said...

Those new girls are definitely cute and so is the crate!

Jennifer said...

Light Brahma's are amazing. I have 7 of them and they are the sweetest, gentlest, most loving birds and they lay wonderful eggs!

Kaede said...

I believe the ducks are Indian runner ducks, who can lay nearly an egg and day, and do not waddle. They RUN.

The long legged chicken is a Modern Game Cock. The bantams have bodies so small they can fit in the palm of your hand.

But, they have never forgotten they are relatives of dinosaurs. My dad raised show fowl and I lived in fear of the game cocks.

gowestferalwoman said...

I swear that one tall leggy chick had black spandex on lol!

Thank you for the tour; they are all so unique!