Monday, August 2, 2010

Cruise Countdown...5 More Days!!!

Among my LONG list of things to do this week is to go and get my eyebrows waxed and get a pedicure. Most women rave about getting "pedi's" as they call them. I have to FORCE myself to get this done a couple of times a year...and just TRUST me when I say that farm girls feet NEED to have pedicures... in fact, if you ask me - it should probably be a medical necessity!!!

Anyway - back to the story..

I grew up with 2 big brothers. One was 3 years my senior and the other 8. Normally, I was treated like a little princess.. but as boys must be boys..they liked to rough house. Usually they would wrestle with my Father...or each other.. but every so often, I would get drug into such a match with one distinct difference. They would not exactly wrestle with me... they would pin me down and tickle my feet.... tickle my feet until I wet my pants. NOT FUNNY! least not to me.

Okay - so it did not leave me with emotional scars and through it all - we all were laughing - hysterically....BUT it did leave me with a psychological scar. To this day, I am TERRIBLY ticklish on the bottom of my feet. This is so extreme, that the thought of getting a pedicure stresses me out! I get tense just typing the word "pedicure"....(shudder).. I literaly have to WARN the poor technician who is working on my feet to be careful... I will tense up, twist, turn and jerk my feet... even to the point of possibly kicking the poor soul who is only trying to provide a service (to which I am PAYING for)...

...and yet, when I think back to those days so long ago, I still smile. I know that the only reason I was allowed to participate in the boys wrestling club was because they loved me.. in a warped kind of way.. that only a brother can love a little pesky sister!

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