Monday, August 2, 2010


My Grandparents (front row seated left and center) James Milam and Frances Leavens, cruised extensively throughout their marriage. Here is a picture from one of their many many international trips.

This is what my Grandmother wrote about this picture:

We rode five miles down the mountains in this basket sled in Maderia. The scenery was beautiful overlooking the harbor - agapanthus growing wild over the mountains, and real camellia trees everywhere. Beautiful flowering vines tumbling over the walls everywhere - really beautiful. The flowers are violets Milam bought from a cute little curly haired girl about five years old.


Dianne said...

Love seeing this picture. Her description was a treasure!

bj said...

Oh, I am so excited for you, Julie...this is going to be a wonderful trip for the two of you. Probably be good for you to spend the time together, too.
I am so glad HUNK is feeling well enough to go. Tell him to have a great time..
When I start my PINK SATURDAY HUNKS back up in the fall, he is going to be my NUMBER UNO !! :))

Ya'll have a blast...
Oh, and I loved seeing the photo of your grandparents. How blessed they were to be able to travel so much.
xo bj