Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Luggage Fetish...

Only 9 More Days!!!

I confess... I am a luggage snob. It is my Mother's fault though. She taught me at a young age it was better to have 1 good solid, tasteful item that lasts a lifetime (or close anyway!!) than having something that must be replaced over and over again. This truth fell into many areas of my life..but especially with luggage.

Without a doubt the nicest, most incredible, well made and utterly CLASSIC luggage maker in my opinion is the French Company. It was started by a man who crafted pieces in his work shop and developed into the company it is today.

They make many serviceable pieces for long and short trips in so many heavy heavy tapestry and /or leather materials that it makes my head swoon! The pictures do not do it justice. Just one feel of this first class product and you would be hooked too.

My very first piece was a carry on duffel bag in the Grey Rose design. I loved it then... over 25 years ago, and I still LOVE it today. I still have that handy little overnighter along with other pieces...and still hoping to add more to complete the collection.Is it expensive? In a word - yes....well sort of. How much do you travel? How many times have you replaced your luggage over the years? So - if you have replaced your bags 2 times... and I have never replaced even one bag...maybe it is not that expensive after all!

Edited to add: At the height of the French companies popularity, many cheaply made copies of tapastry bags came onto the market. None of them lasted. 25 years later, the French Company still manufactures and sells the exact pattern I chose with my Mom so many years ago.

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Ginger said...

I would love to have a nice expensive piece of luggage, but then it would probably get lost by the airline!! lol
I have one suitcase that I use in my travels back and forth to Vegas, thats it. I never go anywhere else. Someday though.