Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 More Days..

Don went to the doctor yesterday.. He was prescribed some anti inflammatory and muscle relaxers for his back...and has to go back this morning for blood tests.. will keep you posted.

Poor Joy... or should I say Joy's boy friend Blake, whose truck caught fire and burned way beyond repair! Some kind of ignition switch problem I believe. No one was hurt - Thank God! Here is what it looked like after the fire department put out the fire.

Only 10 more days until we leave for Fort Lauderdale!!! Great news too. Not only are Emily and Joy going to be at the farm the whole time we are away...which totally makes me NOT worry about any of our 4 legged family.. but Daren is going to come down part of that time as not one person will be too over whelmed by the chores! (I hope!)

I have learned so many things from expert cruisers. I found this web sight called If you are cruising - you should go to that sight. There are places to go where you can look up the room you are assigned and read the reviews on that specific room that your specific ship! Lots of people with helpful suggestions about what to buy, where to go and what to bring. All tell of their own experiences on board and on excursions. It is really great. Here are some things I had not thought about bringing until I read about it:

1. Bug Repellent. - apparently not easily found in port.
2. door shoe rack - if more than 2 are in a room
3. baggies - to put things in inside your backpack so they don't get wet on excursions
4. 2 bottles of wine (acceptable to bring 2 bottles on Celebrity)
5. Cork screw - or the ship will charge you a corking charge of about $20.00
6. Water bottles and packets of cool-aid
7. A power strip because apparently there are very few outlets in your room and if you need to charge several things - it can be a problem.
8. A night light (Celebrity has these in their rooms though)
9. Sea sick meds
10. 2 bathing suits with at least 1 being a 1-piece for excursions.
11. duct tape was mentioned by several case your suit case broke..although for the life of me I cannot imagine going on a cruise with luggage that is so cheaply made it would fall apart... but I do suppose it could get damaged...??
...and lots and lots and lots of money!

Do you have any more suggestions for us?


bj said...

I have another suggestion that we found EXTREMELY helpful...
When your luggage is unloaded, there's a SEA of suitcases and bags. If you will tie a BRIGHTLY COLORED RIBBON on the handle of each of your bags, they will be so much easier to locate. We used a BRIGHT stripped ribbon (yellow, pink, red, blue)...any long as it is bright.
xo bj

gowestferalwoman said...

Just in case you wake up with a little cold, or runny nose from an allergy, bring a small supply of Cold & Allergy Meds. - I like the dayquil/nitequil combo packet~ its small, has like a weeks worth, and from your local store means lower cost.

$20 for an uncorking fee? yikes!

and that poor truck...

Dianne said...

Hope Don's back is feeling better. Did he get a good report from the bloodwork? I am praying for you. Also ...did you know people with liver problems are only supposed to use the cold meds called Coricidin? Something to do with the pressures and portal varices. Its OTC and works fast! Enjoy your cruise...I am green with envy!