Monday, July 12, 2010

God is SOOOOO Good!

So - you know that we decided to go on a cruise before Don starts his chemotherapy. Well, we were not saving up for such a big vacation and I was concerned about the cost.. after all - those of you who have cruised before know that it is not ONLY the cost of the ticket...but the taxes, port charges, gratuities, excursions, drinks (although Don can't drink alcohol anymore)...and any other incidentals..

Well, I contacted a sales rep that works with us... as I am an "interline" employee - trying to get the very best rate..and still getting a room with a sofa! I gave her my budget and she got within $30.00 of it! We were thrilled say the least. So - Friday afternoon, we 'sealed the deal' and paid for it. Guess what??? The price went down $150.00 per ticket!!! OM Gosh - that bit of extra money not only kept us well into our budget..but also paid for our trip insurance..the cost of the hotel for the night prior to the cruise ...and we still have a bit of pocket change left over!!!

Both Don and I are just giddy over it all!! Thank you Jesus.


JJ said...

Aww, you'll have such a wonderful time, too! I bet you're beyond excited!!!

phaedra96 said...

Sounds like this trip was meant to be; not just a whim. I was so sad to hear Don is having more trouble. Courage and hugs to both of you. Enjoy your trip!

Dianne said...

I am thrilled for you. This cruise is going to be such fun...enjoy every minute. You both deserve this before you endure the new procedure. How relaxed and ready you will be!

Lana said...

SWEET! Sometimes God sends us little messages in the strangest little ways.

Kat said...

Our God is indeed sooo good! I'm excited for you and Don.