Thursday, July 15, 2010


After 2 days of cruising, our first stop will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We will arrive in the early afternoon so we had to make a choice about what we wanted to do here...realizing that what we pick may be the only thing we get to do. We chose to zip line! Although Don has a certain fear of heights, he is pretty pumped about this side excursion. After all - he USED to be leery of motorcycles too! Anyway - I have seen other bloggers post about zip lining on their vacations and all seemed to rave about it.

Next stop is the beautiful island of St. Thomas. We have a whole day here and although it is not known for snorkeling, we would love to see Megan's Bay. I am sure that this is not the only thing we will do here...but Megan's Bay is on the list!

..and our last port will be St. Maarten. Here we just want to relax. We plan on taking a back pack, water, a bathing suit (if needed) and just walk about the city.

If you guys have been to any of these destinations, please let me know what you did while you were there...and how you liked it! Thanks!!!


bj said...

We went to some beautiful falls there but can not, for the life of me, remember the name. They were just fabulous...We had our family with us and part of us went to these falls and the other part went to the zip lines and said they had an absolute blast. Mr. Sweet and i are of the age, we figured we'd best not even try it. Bet you and hunk will love it, tho.
Then, we spent a lot of the day, shopping in town.
Have fun !!
xo bj

Ginger said...

Well, I'm glad to see you've decided where to cruise to. You should have a great time there.
My kids have all done the zip line thing and loved it. If I was younger I think I would try it, it sure looks like fun.
When are you going?

Dianne said...

Zip Line!!!!! You go girl!

Megan said...

Megan's Bay is Beautiful!

vivian said...

have a great time! that bay looks gorgeous. Never have been there, but would love to go. A friend of mine did the zip line in costa rica and though scarey, she said they loved it. I'm glad youre having a little get away. You so deserve it!

Anonymous said...


I am "Tx-Cruiser" from the cruise boards. My husband and I did the zip lines on our last cruise to San Juan and it was wonderful. We are cruising Solstice on July 25 (Just a week before you) and we are have yet to decided what to do on this sailing. We are scuba diving in St. Thomas. I can send you an update on the return!