Monday, June 28, 2010

Shocked and Sad..

Today was the day that was suppose to be the marker as the last day of Don's Hepatitis treatment schedule. From this point on we were suppose to go into a maintenance phase where he would only go in every 6 months for blood work and annual cat scans of his liver.

For anyone who has not read my blog for over a year, my husband Don contracted Hepatitis C in his early 20's. Sadly it was not discovered until it had reeked havoc on his liver - when he was in his late 40's. For the full story, go to the side bar and highlight "Hepatitis". Read from the last story up.

Today's Don's blood work revealed he has relapsed. He has a Hep. C count of 86,000 which is low...but none the less - positive.

Please pray for us as we discuss his treatment options and gear up again for the fight.

I will post more later.


fernvalley01 said...

So sorry to read this . Best wishes and sending prayers.

Gayla said...

Hugs and prayers for guidance and wisdom and health. May you feel God's love and hugs!

Laura Maynard said...

Definitely praying for you both Julie. Hang in there!

Lana said...

I'm so sorry, I'm saying a prayer for you.

Gryph said...
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Gryph said...


-Cyg and Gryph

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers.

Ginger said...

Hi Julie:
OMG I am so sorry to read this. I feel so bad for Don to have to deal with a relapse. I will sure say a prayer for both of you.
I haven't been blogging at all, but I went to my blog and saw that you had left a comment. So glad you did. I will keep checking back with you. I should do an update on my blog just to keep in touch with everyone.