Monday, June 14, 2010

Part 5

Out of the people who were reaching out to me, there were a few real angels. Sadly because of all the chaos.. at that time, I was blocking everyone out. The cream has a way of rising to the top though... THANK GOD!! After all the fireworks died down and someone else was the talk of the town... those "angels" surfaced again. They were there when I needed them ...and left me alone when I wanted that as well..all with complete understanding and I know they bathed me in prayer. I know for a fact that some of them had walked in my shoes ...with the end results varying in their lives. ...and there was my Mom. She never turned me away for anything.

I was scared though.. I tried to go back to church after my divorce was finalized...and even after I remarried, Don and I went back as a couple but it never felt like home. By this time, the new HUGE ultra modern church structure was built, the old pastor was voted out and a new one presided. The Spirit filled praise singers were no longer there and as I looked around some of the most devoted Christians I had ever met in my life were not attending this church any longer..

I stopped going to church. I will not lie. There was a huge hole in my heart because of it. I missed the "real mccoy" Christians who had taught me so much. I missed the small in home intimate bible studies where the real miracles occurred ...and I missed learning.

There are NO insignificant details in the Bible... everything has meaning! ..and because of that, no matter how long and hard you study the word... God will give you more...the more you ask..

yes - I was without a church at this time...

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