Sunday, June 13, 2010

Part 4..

I literally awoke to a flurry of activity. All of a sudden my phone was ringing off the wall and people just casually started showing up at my door.

Let me back up and say ex husband was a horrible provider. He was often laid off or demoted for being lazy and would quit a job without talking about it to me. With this came waves of poverty... our electricity was turned off and if it was not for my sweet Mother, we probably would have starved..

Yet now - all of a sudden I seemed to have "help" coming out of the counsel me. After the first 2 people...people who never thought to counsel my soon to be ex ... who never had bothered to check on me before even though we had been attending the same church for years together...all of a sudden they were "all there ...supposedly for me"...

...and then it hit me. They were not there for me then ..any more than they were there for me before.. they were just gossip mongers...


Squeak said...

You've hit the nail on the head. They're not there to help you; they just want to see how you're coping - are you a wreck, is your house a mess, etc. Then they'll run off and tell everybody.

Let your answering machine take the calls. Tell those who drop in unexpectedly, "Oh, sorry, I was just about to take a bath (or bake a cake, or go grocery shopping, or whatever)."

I'm so sorry to hear you're going through such a difficult time.

gowestferalwoman said...

"church ladies" on their way to "marytrdom" ugh.

I met Mike, my wonderful husband of now and forever when I was a divorced mom of two beautiful young daughters, ages 6 & 8 at the time. We went to his church one Sunday to visit, rather then ours...and I actually was accosted in the aisle after church (while Mike was finding which room the girls should go to for Sunday school) by a "well- meaning :p church lady" who wanted to know what my intentions were towards Mike, as he was a wonderful man and "wasnt I divorced?", RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY DAUGHTERS. I very calmly and politely told her that standing in front of her were three of God's daughters whom God loves very much and has blessed fully and abundantly, today and all tomorrows.. and walked away.

I hope your walk in the desert wasnt too long for you but provided the healing you needed! But considering what you have in your life now ;) I think you have some pretty fantastic "tomorrows" too!