Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chicken Coop..Part Gazillion and One..

They might be laying eggs before we get done with this project!
Sunk most of the poles for the run area and put the weather vane (that my daughters gave me for Mother's Day) on the roof!!


Lana said...

How old are the chickens now?
I was SO GLAD to get mine outside. We're still not done tho! We have the duck part to do, and I'm so ready to be done.

Oh. And I have to do trim and windows yet! BLAHHH

JeniQ said...

That is one fancy chicken coup!!!

B said...

Your coop is starting to really looks beautiful. When I'm all settled in, and ready to have chickens, I'm going to use your design as my inspiration!

Also, check out my blog. I left you an award.


Nina Diane said...

it's looking good!

Kate a.k.a. MBG said...

that is one fancy coop! Can't wait til we move to TN so I can have my own chickens. Nice job.

Patrina said...

Looking good. I think I could live in that litle house. It is so cute! Just like home.

Patrina <")>><