Monday, May 17, 2010

Teenage Hens...

I think they are about half the size they will be at maturity. Goofy little things that are quite entertaining to watch! Suppose to be 6 Plymouth Barred Rocks..but as you can see one is solid black.


donna baker said...

Barred rocks make wonderful mother's and are good natured. Big brown eggs.

vivian said...

bauck bauck bauck!
love them! they are so awesome looking.. (but I like the black one best!)
happy day!

Louise said...

cute little buggers. chickens are such fun to watch, and each has their own personality, all with a touch of silly.

Lana said...

I guess I shoulda read this post before I asked how old they were.

BTW, grit, and concrete are NOT interchangeable, in case you were wondering.