Monday, March 9, 2009

Trouble Brewing - Chapter 12

Don's typical work week went as follows:
Monday - late shift - 11:30AM - Close
Tuesday - off
Wednesday - late shift
Thursday - bell to bell
Friday - late shift
Saturday - bell to bell
Sunday - off

Since he took his injection on Saturday night, working Mondays was hard on him. He usually ear marked most of Tuesday's to get more rest. I started to fall into a relaxed state, believing that we were going to breeze through this. His symptoms were mild compared to what I had read about and the only thing I had noticed was that he was quiet. I dismissed this to him being tired.

Week one rolled into two. It was not until he started telling me about strange feelings of anger, sometimes cropping up out of no where, that I became concerned.

"I don't act like this Julie. I slammed some papers down on my desk when some sales people overwhelmed me and I noticed one of the other managers was starring at me when that happened. I feel very short tempered and sometimes depressed."

He had such concern in his face when he told me this. I knew he had not wanted to use antidepressants if he did not need them, but it was clear to us both, the medications were interfering with his normal mental psyche.

"We were told that this is common Don." I responded. "Call the doctor tomorrow and get him to call in a prescription. You also need to make a 2 week appointment with him and go in and get your first blood work done."

He nodded in agreement.


bj said...

Bless his heart. It's so bad to be sick and have the meds you need to take make you feel like someone else and not you!!
I do pray Don is doing better and better....

Helen said...

Good for both of you ... having the courage and insight to do the very best thing ... in a less than good circumstance.

Vintage Soul said...

I know how hard it is to take one pill and it causes some other symptom you have to treat. Depression is serious though and it can be worsened by stress. It sounds to me like Don is already under a lot of stress. Sounds like you are on the right track, getting the doc to prescribe something for the depression and stress. Have a great week.