Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where is Everyone? - Chapter 13

Before I get started with today's chapter, I wanted to introduce you to some of my family. This is my middle brother Tom and his wife Adelaide. Tom is the Neurologist in the next part of the story.

This is my oldest brother James.

..and this is my Dad (holding his Great Grand Daughter)

The next day, Don called the doctors office. The secretary informed him that his doctor had a family emergency and he would be out of town for an entire week. We later found out that 'out of town' meant "out of the country!" There was no way he could be reached. Don explained to them what our doctor told us about the antidepressants and all we had to do was call and request them. The secretary put him on hold. When she came back she informed him that the on call doctor would not prescribe Don any medications without first seeing him....but because he was taking over all the other doctors appointments, the first available time was not going to be for another 6 days!

"How stupid is that!" I screamed... "Your doctor will be back in town in another 8 days and your appointment is the day after that! Not only that - but this makes us a week late for what was suppose to be your first check up."

"I know, I know." Don retorted..."Do you think your Dad or your brother could help me?"

My Father is a retired Neurosurgeon and my middle brother, the one he was referring to is a practicing Neurologist. I placed a call to both. Oddly enough, neither was home, so I left them each a message asking them to call back very soon.

That day turned into night and then into the next day. I did not hear from either of them. I again called and again only got answering machines. I hung up.

Don was really struggling. He would vent to me about situations that bothered him, but when he did so, it seemed to make him even more aggravated. Another day passed and by now Don was not even realizing how curt his tone of voice was, even to me.

"Maybe Tom and Dad went out of town together and no one told me?" I offered up as a weak explanation.

I tried to contact my eldest brother and Joy to see if either of them knew more. James was not available either. Joy told me she had James' cell number though and sent him a text message. Within the hour we found out that James and Dad were out of town together and would not be back for almost 2 weeks. No one seemed to know where Tom and his wife were. I felt very desperate and was so angry with them for not telling me!


Susan said...

That really is upsetting and frightening...to be left on your own like that.

pedalpower said...

I'm so sorry this happened....how terrible for your doctor to leave without leaving a prescription in case Don needed it.

I hope you find s solution soon...poor guy. All those changes in his mind are probably more taxing than anything else. Praying for you both.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I've been playing catch up on reading your posts. Just amazing what you two have been through!

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

I'm so sorry to hear of this needless frustration. I'm shocked that you couldn't take Don in as a walk in. Of course, most Dr's offices don't volunteer that information. Maybe you could just try it and see what happens...