Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Day After - Chapter 11

We both slept all night and I truly believe that the stress from the anticipation had worn us both completely out. We had already verbally agreed that on that particular Sunday, and any and every Sunday that followed during his treatment, would hereby be known as "Movie Day" Other than making sure all of our farm animals were safe and fed, we decided not to make any demands on ourselves and vowed not to feel guilty about it either!

I am a morning person, so at first it was very difficult for me not to get up and get into something. I tried to wait until our inside dog was belligerent about being let outside before we got out of bed. She has become our Sunday alarm clock. Once the animals were all fed, Don would retreat back to bed. I learned to follow. It became easier as the time went on!

I tried not to be obvious, but I was taking mental notes as to what seemed to become a routine. Don usually slept until sometime between 11-12. We would get something to eat, decide what movie we wanted to watch and where we wanted to watch it and unless a farm chore was demanding our attention, that is when our Movie Day began.

By 2pm Don would have fallen into a deep sleep again and every Sunday around 3 he would tell me he was starting to feel poorly. His joints and muscles would ache and he ran a low grade fever. His appetite though did not suffer, which was a good thing. Many patients on Interferon suffer from nausea so badly they have a hard time eating. After sleeping much of the day, he still had no trouble sleeping through that first night. I was so relieved....


bj said...

Good morning,
I was just reading about your children. Are they both grown now?
And, I see you have nor Don look near old enuf to be g-parents.
I am going to the shower honoring my first GREAT Granddaughter today..she is due to arrive on the scene sometime in April.
Thanks for keeping us informed about Don's condition.
I notice your FOLLOWERS have grown quite a bit in the last few days...
xo bj

Helen said...

It's Sunday and I hope things are going well for you today ... you both are in my thoughts.

kari and kijsa said...

Hope that you had a restful day! Thank you for keeping us updated.
kari & kijsa

sexy said...