Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Park Hotel - The Good-The Bad-& The Ugly!

We stayed at a Historic Hotel called the Park Hotel, located right across the street from a walking entrance to the Hot Springs National Park. As you can see, the exterior of this hotel embodies many of the Victorian ornate details that we all love.

The main lobby with all of its solid brass railings and doors, inlaid tile flooring, and fancy woodwork echoed of days past.

This is the original elevator. Sadly it was out of service and only went up to the penthouse anyway.

These are the original doors..

..and there were dumb waiters that I think were still in use.

...The BAD:
Dark creepy hallways.

A really bad view with only mini blinds! I was hoping to sleep in a bit since we had not arrived until after midnight. NOPE - I was up at the crack of dawn..with the sun shinning in my face!

...and a TINY bathroom....which left me wondering how in the world those Victorian ladies could possibly get dressed in there!

..and the shower was just as nice as the rest of the room. There was not even a soap holder in there.

...And the UGLY!
Ewwweeee - Exposed wiring!

..and this was the "control" for the air. Turn it whichever way you liked though, I don't think it made a difference. I froze that night and there was no blanket - either on the bed or in the closet!

Furniture looked like it was right out of a garage sale given by the Old Ramada Inn's discarding their cheesy Spanish 1960's style decadence.

..actually this picture makes this Pleather and scratched chair look decent.

...and this is what was hiding behind that beautiful chair!

It was clean. It was convenient. I felt safe. They did not mind that we showed up 30 minutes past midnight and the ladies at the front desk were very nice. They did not mind that we were pulling a ginormous horse trailer behind our truck and the parking was free. It cost just under $100.00 for the night with all the taxes. We heard from many that the restaurant (only open for dinner) was one of the best in the town, but our schedule did not permit us to experience that.

Would I stay there the next time I go to Hot Springs? No. Not unless they seriously renovated the rooms. There were a couple of other historic hotels in the region, or many brand new ones a few miles away closer to the Lake that would have been more comfortable and probably close to the same price.


Susan said...

What a let down after your beautiful home.

Hugs, Susan

CIELO said...

Julie, you're so funny! I love the comment you left on my today's post; it made me laught! Just the thought of you at work, taking pics in the public bathroom... the straight jacket episode... hehe! But you should take some pics when you get home to show us; really, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, my dear! :)



DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

oh my! Well it was ok for a short time.....It was nice til you got to the creepy hallways.

hugs, DebraK

Sarahb said...

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