Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hot Springs AR. National Park~The Grand Promenade

Located directly across the street from the Park Hotel was The Promenade; the start of a half mile walking path created by the city for the visitors to enjoy.

At the turn of the century it was discovered that exercise was a vital part of staying healthy.

This is the inviting entrance to the park.

Along the way there are fountains of spring water for anyone to enjoy...if you don't mind drinking 140 degree water that is!

Here is one of the many springs where the water surfaces out of the rocks...

...and another.

Along the way there are several information signs that we enjoyed reading.

Along with the drinking fountains, there were beautiful Victorian style basins for a quick wash of your hands.

A built in chess or checker board! I want one of these in our yard!

Several butterflies made themselves available for portraits!


Susan said...

Gorgeous place and pictures. I want the shell basin for my bathroom (ha ha).

Lynne Laura said...

Lovely pictures of the springs, neat to see. Read your "Hotel" fun...I don't like tacky rooms and tiny bathrooms either. The inn we stayed in had a very tiny shower and it was nuts trying to shave my legs in there...I was scared I was going to chop a leg off tipping over!

Kindredly, Lynne Laura