Monday, October 9, 2017

Inching Right Along

The plumbers started today and this afternoon I went down to take a peek.  They have installed 1 toilet, 1 sink faucet, several toilet rings in the floor for others and they were working on the kitchen sink and dish washer!  This is the mudroom bathroom.

Mike and I spent all weekend working so hard on the house doing what is called a final clean.  That is a bit misleading as it is not really the 'final clean', it is just the big clean where you take all the tape of the window panes, get rid of all the dry wall silt and make endless trips to the dumpster with garbage!  Mike is so thrilled with the too!

Another part of what we did was put in all these shelves.  We can move them later if we need to have more or less room to accommodate books and such.

I just had to post this - but in all honesty, this picture does not come close to doing it justice.  This is the chandelier in the dining room.  It looks spectacular lit up - especially in the evening.

I can't wait to get our dining room table set up beneath it!

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meme said...

So pretty! Love your chandelier!